Welcome to Seekers Tarot

I chose the name Seekers Tarot as the word ‘Seekers’ touched me intuitively as carrying significance. It relates to the Major Arcana card which Seeker is also related to the ‘The Hermit’ which was the first Major Arcana card that I pulled many years ago. The Hermit is also a seeker of knowledge whose journey is of self-fulfillment and awareness.  I see myself as a Seeker of knowledge, spirituality and my best ‘self’.  I achieve this through Tarot reading, meditation and yoga.

Tarot cards are one the tools used to unlock the answers each of us seek to live our best lives. It is my dream that we will learn to develop our understanding of Tarot cards together and develop our natural intuition to seek and obtain the answers that we need in our daily lives.

Weekly I will pull a Tarot card and share its meaning based on historical reference and intuition and how it has applied to my life that week. Together, we can learn both the meanings of the card and its deeper intuitive meaning to our lives each week.

Thanks for joining me on this journey.


Laura Ann Harris-Emery